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What your future music book should look like

This musical note, it is hoped, will bring you plenty of inspiration. Perhaps you need it at this time. Perhaps you are among the growing throngs of ladies and gentlemen whose love and interest in music continues to grow. It remains one of the most endearing and edifying exercises of relaxation and creative inspiration. That is the exercise of listening to music. Among the general public it is already a daily exercise, but wide of that, far from the maddening crowd, if you will, there are those of you who are studiously endeavoring to understand the compositions of those composers who are catalogued within the genres of classical music, opera, jazz and blues.

Part of that love and inspiration that keeps growing every month or year is the yearning or wonder of being able to play a musical instrument of your own, whether it is a cello, horn, piano or classical guitar. Even a base drum is a classical instrument. Learning how to play any one of these instruments is one thing. Learning the classic notes, how to read song sheets and even to write your own is another wondrous thing altogether.

Each to his or her own, if you sit down with a masterful teacher of your own whose love for music speaks volumes far beyond yours at this stage, you are likely to be given a new set of music workbooks that will include related theories of music genres and voluminous history works too. You will also be introduced to the wonderfully creative world of poetry or lyric writing. All this adds up to an even greater appreciation for music of the ages and the honing of skills to play an instrument with finesse.